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What theory proposes that species envolve during short periods of rapid change?
a) gradualism
b) punctuated equilibria
c) absolute dating
d) evolution

What are multiple alleles?
a) more than two genes that control a trait
b) more than two codominant alleles in the parents
c) three or more chromosomes that determind a trait
d) three or more forms of a gene that code for a single trait

What evidence is most important when using relative dating?
a) the half-life of a radioactive element
b) the positions of fossils in sedimentary rock layers
c) the types of minerals in a petrified fossil
d) the position of sediment in petrified rock

How do scientists determind the actual age of fossils?
a) relative dating
b) mold and cast dating
c) sedimentary dating
d) absolute dating

What is the role of genes in evolution?
a) Only genes can be acted in by natural selection
b) only traits that are controlled by genes can be acted on by natural selection
c) the genes of most surviving parents have only dominant alleles
d) parents with recessive genes die from overproduction

Walter Sutton discovered that the sex cells of grasshoppers havr exactly
a) 12 times the number of chromosomes found in the boddy cells
b) half the number of chromosomes found in the body cells
c) the same number of chromosomes found in the body cells
d) twice the number of chromosomes found in the body cells

Sex-linked genes are genes on
a) the X chromosomes only
b) all 23 pairs of chromosomes
c) the X and Y chromosomes
d) the Y chromosomes only

What is a mutation?
a) any changes that is harmful to an organism
b) any change in the phenotype of a cell
c) any change that is helpful to an organism
d) any change in a gene or a chromosome

When sex cells combine to produce offspring, each sex cell eith contributre
a) one fourth of the normal number of chromosomes
b) twice the number af normal chromosomes
c) the normal number of chromosomes
d) half the normal number of chromosomes

Which term refers to similar structures that relate species have inherited from a common ancestor?
a) DNA sequence
b) developedmental organisms

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