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Which of the following is not used to season foods?
a) Rock salt.
b) Cayenne pepper.
c) Table salt.
d) White pepper.

Which of the following has a strong flavor with citrus tones and is commonly used in salsas?
a) Cayenne.
b) Chervil.
c) Chives.
d) Cilantro.

Which of the following is essential when making béarnaise sauce?
a) Marjoram.
b) Sage.
c) Thyme.
d) Tarragon.

Fresh herbs should be stored ____.
a) hanging, uncovered, at room temperature
b) covered, at room temperature
c) in the refrigerator
d) in the freezer

Which of the following has a strong licorice flavor and is used in liquors and for baking?
a) Allspice.
b) Anise.
c) Caraway seeds.
d) Serrated slicer.

Mace, which has an intense spicy flavor, is the middle layer of the same seed that produces ____.
a) allspice
b) nutmeg
c) mustard
d) coriander

Curry powder is ____.
a) the powder ground from the flowers of the curry plant
b) a mixture of a dozen or more spices
c) overripe cumin plants, dried and ground
d) made from unripe ginger

Which of the following is true of honey?
a) It is sweeter than sugar.
b) It can be substituted equally by weight for sugar.
c) It is often blended for consistent color and flavor.
d) All of the above.

All hot sauces are basically made of the same ingredients, which are ____.
a) tomato juice flavored with vinegar, salt, and cayenne pepper
b) hot chile pepper juice diluted with water and flavored with salt
c) vinegar flavored with tomatoes and cayenne pepper
d) vinegar flavored with hot chile peppers and salt

Black olives differ from green olives in color because one ____.
a) is ripe and the other is not
b) has been soaked longer in brine than the other
c) is from trees and the other is from bushes
d) is cooked during processing and the other is not

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