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Where would you likely find an epitaph?
a) in a cemetery
b) in the atmosphere
c) in the forest
d) in a classroom

Which of the following characteristics would you likely see in someone who suffers from anorexia?
a) swelling
b) thin
c) pale
d) average body build

An albino squirrel would be what color?
a) grey
b) white
c) black
d) brown

A bonafide example of Abraham Lincoln\'s handwriting would be
a) forged
b) illegible
c) a genuine example
d) a fake

a) make
b) care for
c) fight
d) build

a) plasmo
b) cell
c) rock
d) name

a) sound
b) earth
c) blue
d) green

a) blue
b) write
c) double
d) green

a) life
b) rock
c) love
d) small

a) build
b) blule
c) earth
d) pull

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