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Which of the following items is not a part of an atom?
a) Proton
b) Electron
c) Scantron
d) Neutron

Which of the following is true about electrons?
a) They travel around the nucleus moving very quickly in energy levels.
b) They have a positive charge.
c) They have no charge.
d) They hang out in the nucleus.

Which of the following is true about protons?
a) They have a negative charge.
b) They have no charge.
c) They have a positive charge.

What can I find if I know the atomic mass and the atomic number of an atom of an element?
a) The name of the atom.
b) The total charge of an atom.
c) The weight of an atom.
d) Number of neutrons.

The law of conservation of mass says that. . .
a) We cannot lose matter during chemical reactions, but matter can change forms.
b) Mass is lost during chemical changes.
c) Energy is lost when chemicals react so we lose heat.

Where are all of the non-metals located on the periodic table except for Hydrogen?
a) On the left side of the periodic table.
b) In the middle of the periodic table.
c) On the right side of the periodic table towards the top.
d) At the bottom.

How many electrons does Manganese (Mn) have?
a) 55
b) 52
c) 40.078
d) 25

Copper has an atomic number of 29. How many protons does one atom of copper have?
a) 29
b) 63.548
c) 35

How many neutrons does one atom of sodium (Na) have?
a) 11
b) 22.99
c) 12

NaCl is table salt. Table salt is an example of which of the following.
a) Element
b) Compound
c) Homogeneous Mixture
d) Heterogeneous Mixture

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