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Chemical weathering is more rapid (faster) in ______________ climates. (Think about our lab with the antacid tablets dissolving in water)
a) tropical
b) dry
c) cold
d) moderate

Compared to the A horizon in soil, the B horizon is
a) all of the above
b) contains material leached from the A horizon
c) lighter in color
d) contains less humus

The difference between mechanical and chemical weathering is ___________.
a) one makes a new rock while the other just changes the size or shape
b) the length of time each takes to break up rocks
c) that each occurs in different parts of the world
d) only chemical weathering involves water

Soil horizons in deserts are ____________ than soil horizons in wetter climates.
a) thinner
b) thicker
c) darker
d) more fertile

The minerals found in the B and C Horizons were dissolved in water and carried down to those soil layers by a process called _____________.
a) leaching
b) oxidation
c) weathering
d) precipitation

The A horizon is high in ______________.
a) organic materials
b) clay
c) rocks
d) leached materials

Which of the following factors does not cause soil erosion
a) planting flowers
b) overgrazing by animals
c) cutting down trees
d) farming

Which of the following is not something that affects what type of soil is formed?
a) the type of animals that live there
b) the area where it is formed
c) the type of rock it was formed from
d) how long it has been forming

Where does the rock found in soil come from?
a) larger rocks that have broken down
b) animals that carry them there
c) humans who bury them
d) carried by the wind

Where does the organic matter come from that is found in soil?
a) decaying or dead plants and animals
b) materials that are dissolved in water
c) oxygen reacting with water
d) rocks that have been broken down

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