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The goal of DNA fingerprinting is to prepare an encyclopedia that shows the DNA sequence of every gene.
a) True
b) Both True and False
c) Neither
d) False

A person\'d environment can affect his or her genotype for certain traits, such as height
a) True
b) Both True and False
c) Neither
d) False

An empty space called a cast is formed when an organism buried in sediments dissolves
a) True
b) Neither
c) Both True and False
d) False

A genetic dissorder in which an abnormal form of hemoglobin is produced is hemophilia
a) True
b) Both True and False
c) Neither
d) False

Sex-linked genes are genes on
a) the X chromosome only
b) the Y chromosome only
c) the X and Y chromosomes
d) all 23 pairs of chromosomes

What evidence is most important when using relative dating?
a) the age of the rocks
b) the half-life of a radioactive element
c) the position of fossils in sedimentary rock layers
d) what minerals are in the rocks

How do scientists determine the actual age of fossils?
a) absolute dating
b) sister dating
c) brother dating
d) cousin dating

Which of these is an example of the benefits of genetic engineering?
a) pedigree charts
b) creating human insulin to treat people with diabetes
c) karyotypes
d) branching trees

What is the role of genes in evolution?
a) idk
b) all of the above
c) answer # 1
d) Only traits that are controlled by genes can be acted on by natural selection

Which form of selective breeding crosses genetically different individuals in an attempt to keep the best traits of both parents?
a) cloning
b) genetic engineering
c) inbreeding
d) hybridization

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