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The stars danced playfully in the moonlit sky.
a) stars danced
b) sky playfully
c) stars playfully
d) moonlit danced

The first rays of morning tiptoed through the meadow.
a) rays tiptoed
b) morniing tiptoed
c) meadow tiptoed
d) morning meadow

She did not realize that opportunity was knocking at her door.
a) opportunity was knocking
b) door was knocking
c) She knocking
d) door knocking

He did not realize that his last chance was walking out the door.
a) chance was walking
b) He was walking
c) door was walking
d) walking out the door

The snow swaddled the earth like a mother would her infant child.
a) snow swaddled
b) earth swaddled
c) mother swaddled
d) infant child swaddled

The river swallowed the earth as the water continued to rise higher and higher.
a) river swallowed
b) earth swallowed
c) water swallowed
d) water continued to rise

Time flew and before we knew it, it was time for me to go home.
a) time flew
b) we flew
c) time to go
d) go home

The ocean waves lashed out at the boat and the storm continued to brew.
a) waves lashed
b) ocean lashed
c) boat lashed
d) storm lashed

The thunder grumbled like an old man.
a) thunder grumbled
b) man grumbled
c) old man grumbled
d) thunder like an old man

The window panes were talking as the wind blew through them.
a) panes were talking
b) wind blew
c) panes blew
d) windows were talking

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