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What caused the United States to enter WWII?
a) Japanese Bombing Pearl Harbor
c) The Russian invasion
d) Germany\'s invasion of Poland

In what year did Japan attack the United States at Pearl Harbor?
a) 1939
c) 1945
d) 1941

Which of the following is a member of the Axis powers?
a) United States
c) Russia
d) Germany

What was D-Day?
a) Invasion of Normandy
c) Invasion of Poland
d) Invasion of Japan

Who was targeted by the Nazis during the Holocaust?
a) French
c) Jews
d) Germans

How many Jews died in the Holocaust?
a) 6 million
c) 2 million
d) 100,000

What group of people were interned in camps in the US during WWII?
a) Hispanic Americans
c) Japanese Americans
d) Jewish Americans

Which best describes the home front in the US during WWII?
a) Gasoline and food were rationed, stars hung in windows to support troops, and more women found jobs
c) Factory production declined, African Americans were denied service in the armed forces, and unemploy
d) Many American homes were bombed, industrial factories were closed, and food production declined.

What was the effect of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
a) Beginning of WWII in Asia
c) Soviet troops left Germany
d) The surrender of Japan to the United States

Who surrendered first?
a) Germany
c) United States
d) Japan

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