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Which bar is at the bottom of your word screen and shows how many words are in your document
a) status
b) task
c) title
d) ruler

the button deletes letters to the left of the cursor
a) backspace
b) delete
c) insert
d) shift

how many times do you have to click to select a paragraph
a) three
b) two
c) one
d) click and hold

Which word tool would you use to make it so that when you type usa it would change to United States of America
a) autocorrect
b) find
c) replace all
d) find and replace

autocorrect is found under the home tab
a) false
b) true

Control v is a shortcut for
a) paste
b) copy
c) cut
d) verify

Which of the following commands in the home tab brings up an option to find and replace
a) replace
b) find
c) thesaurus
d) research

Paragraph is one of the tabs across the top of the word screen
a) false
b) true

if you want to double space your entire document, what 2 shortcuts would you use
a) ctrl a then ctrl 2
b) ctrl 1 then ctrl 2
c) ctrl v then ctrl 2
d) ctrl o then ctrl a

copying an item removes it from one location and allows you to paste it to another location
a) false
b) true

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