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An Excel file is referred to as a
a) workbook
b) data file
c) sheet tab
d) worksheet

A horizontal group of cells
a) row
b) cell
c) tab
d) column

data entry area directly below the ribbon and above the worksheet grid. Shows formulas and not values
a) formula bar
b) sheet tab
c) name bar
d) worksheet

Which of the following is not a cell mode in Excel
a) change
b) enter
c) ready
d) edit

If you want to edit the contents of a cell, you double click the cell
a) true
d) false

If you want all your contents to fit within a cell and be completely visible within that cell, you would use
a) text wrap
b) align cells
c) format painter
d) fit

Which of the following is a description of the autofill handle?
a) small black cross in bottom right corner of cell
b) small black cross in bottom left corner of cell
c) large white cross on any edge of cell
d) large white cross in middle of cell

Columns insert to the ________ of the cursor, rows insert __________
a) left; above
b) right; above
c) left; below
d) right;below

Which dialog box allows you to change many types of formatting in Excel?
a) format cells
b) font group
c) formatting
d) numbering

which of the following is NOT a number format in Excel?
a) Indent
b) Accounting
c) Date
d) General

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