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In which of the following situations is work being done?
a) A woman lifts a rock with a force of 5N.
b) A man puts a 50 N force on a wall but does not move the wall.
c) A puck slides across the ice rink at a constant velocity after it has been hit.
d) A pushes down on a rock with a force of 10 N and the rock remains stationary.

In which of the follow situations is work not being done?
a) Susanna lifts a letter to read it, using a force of 0.2 N.
b) A weightlifter holds a weight above his head using a force of 200 N.
c) A small bulldozer pushes a pile of dirt across the ground with a force of 150 N.
d) Johnny lifts a textbook from the floor to the top of his desk using a force of 3 N.

Which of the following are not units which work could be measured in?
a) J
b) N*m
c) N/m
d) Kg x m2/s2

Work is measured in the same units as which of the following quantities?
a) force
b) energy
c) distance
d) acceleration

Which of the following statements is true?
a) Whenever an object moves, work is being done.
b) A larger force always means more work has been done.
c) Whenever a force is put on an object, work is being done.
d) In order for work to be done, a force must move an object over a distance.

Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between work and force?
a) Work is inversely proportional to force.
b) Work and force are equal to one another.
c) Work is equal to force multipled by Joules.
d) Work is proportional to force, when the force moves an object over a distance.

An object is lifted 10 meters using a force of 200 Newtons. Which of the following would increase the amount of work done?
a) Lifting the object 15 meters.
b) Changing the force to 175 N.
c) Lifting the object 8.5 meters.
d) Moving the object sideways using the same amount of force over the same distance.

Which of the following is the correct formula for calculating work?
a) W=F/d
b) W=Fd
c) W=d/F
d) WF=d

How much work would you have to do in order to lift a 50 N object 3.5 meters?
a) 14.3 J
b) 50.5 J
c) 150 J
d) 175 J

In which of the following situations would the least work have been done?
a) A 200 N force lifts an object 3 meters.
b) A 350 N force moves an object 1 meter.
c) A 125 N force moves an object 4 meters.
d) A 500 N force is applied to an object but it does not move.

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