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The outer part of the mantle + the crust is called the Earth\'s
a) asthenosphere
b) shell
c) hydrosphere
d) lithosphere

The hottest layer of the Earth is the
a) inner core
b) crust
c) mantle
d) outer core

Which type of crust is more dense
a) continental
b) granitic
c) oceanic
d) tectonic

The movment of which layer of the Earth is responsible for its magnetism?
a) inner core
b) asthenosphere
c) mantle
d) outer core

When two tectonic plates move toward eachother, which type of boundary occurs?
a) diverging
b) converging
c) rifting
d) fault

The point at which one tectonic plate moves beneath another is called a _______________________________________
a) converging zone
b) fault zone
c) subduction zone
d) diverging zone

Alternating magnetic stripes on the ocean floor support which theory?
a) continental drift
b) superposition
c) pangaea
d) sea floor spreading

Puzzle Pieces, Fossil Evidence, climate changes, and similar rock layers all supported which theory?
a) continental drift
b) superposition
c) plate tectonics
d) sea floor spreading

The process that causes the Earth\'s mantle to move
a) conduction
b) subduction
c) convection
d) radiation

Rift Valleys occur due to which type of plate boundary
a) converging
b) fault
c) diverging
d) subducting

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