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What is the name of the part of the heart that regulates the heartbeat?
a) Pacemaker
b) Septum
c) Ventricle
d) Atrium

What is the name of the bottom chambers of the heart?
a) Atrium
b) Aorta
c) Septum
d) Ventricle

What color is oxygen rich blood?
a) blue
b) green
c) bright red
d) purple

What part of blood carries oxygen to the cells?
a) Plasma
b) Red Blood Cells
c) Platelets
d) White Blood Cells

What part of a red blood cell helps oxygen bind to the cell?
a) Hemoglobin
b) Bright red
c) Pacemaker
d) Fibrin

What part of blood carries nutrients to the cell and waste away?
a) Plasma
b) Red blood cells
c) White blood cells
d) Platelets

What part of the blood helps fight disease in the body?
a) Plasma
b) Red blood cell
c) White blood cell
d) Platelets

What is another name for high blood pressure?
a) Heart Attack
b) Pacemaker
c) Atherosclerosis
d) Hypertension

What is the condition called when heart cells die?
a) Atherosclerosis
b) Heart Attack
c) Hemoglobin
d) Hypertension

Which of these is caused by the thickening of blood vessel walls?
a) Atherosclerosis
b) Atrium
c) Hemoglobin
d) Heart Attack

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