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Under whose leadership did Japan change to a democracy
a) Joseph McCarthy
b) Vladimir Lenin
c) Douglas McArthur

What is the name of a group of lands and countries under one government
a) alliance
b) empire
c) political party

Who accused people in the United States government of being Communist?
a) Douglas MacArthur
b) Joseph McCarthy
c) Joseph Stalin

What does the letter U in USSR stand for?
a) United
b) Universal
c) Union

Which was not a Japanese city that the United States dropped an atomic bomb on?
a) Yokohama
b) Nagasaki
c) Hiroshima

Whose freedom did the Nuermberg Laws take away?
a) Jews
b) Germans
c) Japanese

Where were prisoners taken and forced to do heavy labor?
a) Reich
b) the Iron Curtain
c) concentration camps

What is a revolution?
a) a law that takes away freedoms
b) rebellion against the government
c) the name of the thousand-year empire

What was the time of the Jewish persecution during Hitler's Reich called?
a) Bolshevik Revolution
b) the Showa
c) the Holocaust

Tell which dictator ruled each country
a) Hitler
b) Mussolini
c) Stalin
d) Hirohito

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