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What are the two primary languages of Latin America?
a) Portuguese and Spanish
b) Latin and Spanish
c) German and English
d) Spanish and French

On average, what percentage of people in Latin America and the Caribbean are literate?
a) 99%
b) 19%
c) 59%
d) 89%

The main religion in Latin America and the Caribbean is
a) Roman Catholic
c) Islam
d) Christianity

Which countries are included in the term Latin America?
a) countries located in South Amreica, but not those in the Caribbean
b) countries located in North America
c) all countries that speak Latin
d) countries located in South America and the Caribbean

Many Latin American natives were wiped out because
a) Europeans forced them to work on plantations and they caught diseases
c) Native Americans forced them to work on plantations and they caught diseases
d) Africans forced them to work on plantations and they caught diseases

People with __________ ancestors often have better jobs than other Latin American groupsps.
a) European
c) Native American
d) African

Ancestors of the mestizos are
a) Native American and European
b) European and European
c) Mexican and European
d) African and European

Which of the following is not part of the largest group of Latin Americans?
a) Mexicans
b) Africans
c) Europeans
d) Native Americans

Ancestors of mulattoes are
a) African and European
b) German and European
c) European and European
d) Native American and European

An illiterate person is most likely to have all of the following except ___________.
a) children who cannot read and write
b) a large home
c) a low-paying job
d) a lower standard of living

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