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How much work is done when a very large force is applied to an object but does not move the object?
a) none
b) a lot
c) a little
d) The exact amount of work and the weight of the object must be known to figure this out.

Which of these is the unit of measure for work?
a) watts
b) joules
c) pounds
d) newtons

What is the correct formula for work?
a) Work=force/time
b) Work=force*distance
c) Work= force/distance
d) Work=mass * acceleration

Which of the following is NOT an example of work?
a) a windmill turning in the wind
b) a person sliding a box across the floor
c) a metal bar bracing a leaning brick wall
d) an air bag deploying in an automobile wrech

Two weight lifters (Herb and Foley) wonder which one is doing the most work. Which statement is true?
a) Herb lifting 60 kg 1 meter does more work than Foley lifting 35 kg 2 meters.
b) Herb lifting 50 kg 1.5 meters does more work than Foley lifting 55 kg 1 meter.
c) Herb lifting 70 kg 0.5 meters does more work than Foley lifting 30 kg 1.5 meter.
d) Herb lifting 80 kg 2 meters does more work than Foley lifting 25 kg 1 meter 7 times.

What is the work done on a 34-N weight if it is lifted up 1 km?
a) 17 J
b) 34 J
c) 0.034 J
d) 34,000 J

A sailboat weighing 1,960 N moves at 3m/s for 10 minutes. What is the value for the work of the sails.
a) 19,600 J
b) 58,800 J
c) 1,176,000 J
d) 3,528,000 J

A model rocket weighing 4.9 N launches from a pad. How much work does the little rocket engine do in the first 4 meters?
a) 0.5 J
b) 19.6 J
c) 1.225 J
d) 192.08

A rod on a compressed spring exerts 12 N of force on a 0.05-kg steel ball. The rod pushes the ball 0.03 m. How much work does the spring do on the ball?
a) 0.36 J
b) 0.36 N
c) 0.60 N
d) 1.00 J

A 100 N force is applied to a plow by the horse pulling the plow. How much work does it take for the horse to pull the plow 100 meters in 5 minutes?
a) 10,000 J
b) 10,000 N
c) 250,000 N
d) 3,000,000 J

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