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The removal of waste is called...
a) excretion
b) ureter
c) nephron
d) urethra

______ is a chemical that comes from the breakdown of proteins
a) Urine
b) Urea
c) nephron
d) ureter

The job of the _______ are to remove urea and other waste from the blood
a) urinary bladder
b) urethra
c) nephron
d) kidneys

______ contains urea and other waste
a) urine
b) kidneys
c) kidney
d) nephron

Urine flows from the kidneys through two narrow tubes called _______
a) ureters
b) urethra
c) nephrons

A saclike muscular organ that stores urine
a) urinary bladder
b) kidney
c) nephron

Urine leaves the body through a small tube called the _________
a) ureter
b) urethra
c) nephron

Each of your kidneys contains about a million _____, tiny filtering factories that remove wastes from blood and produce urine.
a) ureters
b) nephrons
c) excretions

The structures that eliminate urea, water, and other wastes include...
a) kidneys
b) ureters
c) urinary bladder
d) all of the above

The excretory system...
a) collects wastes produced by cells
b) removes waste from the body
c) both "A" and "B"

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