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define solar
a) having to do with the sun
b) the name of a Greek god
c) to leave and not return
d) to think or devise a plan

Define bull's-eye
a) the middle of a square
b) a game of fantasy
c) center of a circle or target
d) the name of an action hero

Define vertical
a) straight across
b) straight up and down
c) in a diagonal direction
d) zig zag back and forth

Define dramatic
a) Sad and loney
b) Happy
c) Exciting or interesting
d) heinous

Define calculation
a) counting or figuring
b) stumbling or bumbling
c) center of a circle or target
d) has to do with the Milky Way

Define devise
a) To think out, invent, or plan
b) To spell the word correctly
c) To calculate properly
d) To define correctly

Define abandon
a) To find something
b) To leave and not return
c) To find a lost treasure
d) To find a lost clue

Define archaeology
a) Study of insects
b) Study of mammals
c) The study of aquatic life
d) The study of how humans lived a long time ago

Define observatory
a) A science laboratory
b) Something exciting
c) A place with telescopes used to observe outer space
d) The name of a crater on Mars

Define stargazers
a) A person who studies the stars
b) The name of the closest star to earth
c) Name of the football team from Alaska
d) Center of a circle

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