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Which natural feature protects inland bodies of water from contamination by salt water?
a) bog
b) canyon
c) estuary
d) hydrothermal vent

Most of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere is produced in the top six inches of the oceans. Which best explains this?
a) Oxygen is produced as a by-product as fish breathe through their gills.
b) Oxygen is produced by seawater, which evaporates into pure oxygen and hydrogen.
c) Oxygen is produced by deepwater plants and is then moved to the surface of the ocean.
d) Oxygen is produced by photosynthetic microorganisms that live near the surface of the ocean.

Why are large numbers of ocean animals found in areas where upwelling occurs?
a) Oxygen is increased by the movement of water.
b) Oxygen is decreased by the movement of water.
c) Nutrients are increased by the movement of water.
d) Nutrients are decreased by the movement of water.

Which technology has allowed scientists to accurately map the ocean floor?
a) sonar
b) scuba
c) satellites
d) submersibles

Which dissolved gases are most needed by plants and animals living in the ocean?
a) nitrogen and oxygen
b) oxygen and carbon dioxide
c) carbon dioxide and nitrogen
d) carbon monoxide and nitrogen

Which property must submersibles and ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) share?
a) They should be able to emerge quickly.
b) They should be able to employ robotic arms.
c) They must be able to transport several scuba divers.
d) They must be able to withstand extreme water pressures.

Which best explains why inhabitants of an estuary must adapt to frequent environmental changes?
a) Estuaries receive little sunlight.
b) The water temperature is constantly warm.
c) The salinity of the water is constantly changing.
d) Low levels of oxygen are absorbed by the water.

Why are estuaries often valued as the center of human coastal communities?
a) Estuaries create mild habitats for deep sea life.
b) Estuaries enhance marine biology resources for the future.
c) Estuaries are needed to filter pollution out of ocean water.
d) Estuaries provide a place for people to live, fish, and swim.

Which are the two main sources of the dissolved oxygen in the ocean?
a) surface air and ocean plants
b) warm water vents and Earth’s core
c) underwater volcanoes and earthquakes
d) animal respiration and dead matter decomposition

Which best describes an estuary?
a) nutrient-poor swamps and bogs of the Great Lakes
b) nutrient-poor Cape Fear River and Deep River basins
c) nutrient-rich tributaries and meanders of the Blue Ridge Mountains
d) nutrient-rich salt marshes and mangrove forests of the Florida Everglades

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