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What type of air mass would be dry and warm?
a) continental tropical
b) continental polar
c) maritme tropical
d) maritime polar

What type of front occurs when a warm air mass meets and overtakes a cold air mass?
a) cold front
b) warm front
c) stationary front
d) occluded front

What type of map would you look at to see where precipitation is moving and how fast it is moving?
a) satellite
b) weather balloon
c) Doppler Radar
d) climate

What causes the atmosphere to be unstable during a thunderstorm?
a) A lot of humidity.
b) Rapidly rising cold dry air.
c) Rapidly rising warm moist air.
d) A warm front.

What are lines that connect points of equal air pressure on a weather map?
a) fronts
b) isobars
c) pressure bars
d) isoline

What is the boundary that forms between two different air masses called?
a) air line
b) isobar
c) front
d) mass line

Thunder happens because
a) lightning hits the ground.
b) lightning heats the air and the air expands rapidly.
c) electricity makes a loud sound.
d) rain drops hit one another.

What comes first in the development of a tornado?
a) Wind travels in two different directions.
b) A funnel cloud touches the ground.
c) The air begins to roll.
d) The roll of air turns vertical because of the updrafts.

What type of air mass would be wet and cold?
a) continental polar
b) maritime polar
c) continental tropical
d) maritime tropical

What type of front occurs when a cold, more dense air mass moves under the warm air mass and pushes it up?
a) stationary front
b) warm front
c) cold front
d) occluded front

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