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A frameshift mutation
a) replaces one amino acid with another.
b) removes part of the protein.
c) introduces a section of amino acids not normally found.
d) joins two different proteins.

Which of the following is not an effect of a mutation?
a) prevents a protein from forming
b) lowers the amount of a protein
c) adds a function to a protein
d) changes the shape of a protein

A point mutation that changes a codon specifying an amino acid into a stop codon is called a
a) missense
b) nonsense
c) frameshift
d) deletion

Changing the codon AGC to AGA represents a ____ mutation.
a) missense
b) nonsense
c) frameshift
d) deletion

True of False: Most mutations have no effect on the organism.
a) True
b) False

A mutagen is
a) only not found to occur naturally
b) an organism with mutations in its genome
c) a protein that repairs genetic mutations
d) something that can cause a genetic mutation

A female that is planning to become pregnant is concerned about exposure to environmental mutagens. In order for these mutations to become heritable, they must affect her
a) somatic cells
b) body cells
c) egg cells
d) blood cells

Which of the following would indicate a base pairing mutation in DNA?
a) A paried with T
b) G paired with C
c) G paired with T
d) U paired with A

Mutations can occur during
a) DNA replication
b) transcription of mRNA
c) translation of a protein
d) all of the above

Which of these factors is associated with mutagenic effects
a) cigarette smoke
b) water vapor
c) oxygen gas
d) carbon monoxide gas

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