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A shallow print or impression left by a plant or animal
a) mold
b) cast
c) imprint
d) amber

This fossil is shaped within a mold
a) mold
b) cast
c) imprint
d) amber

This fossil is a hollow form of a particular shape.
a) mold
b) cast
c) imprint
d) amber

An animal can become preserved in this hardened sticky sap.
a) petrified wood
b) mummies
c) amber
d) cast

These animal remains are preserved when they dry out in hot, dry regions.
a) carbon film
b) mummies
c) petrified wood
d) tar pits

When all the once-living parts have been replaced by minerals, a plant or animals becomes:
a) frozen
b) trapped in amber
c) mummified
d) petrified

The size of dinosaur's _______________ can help determine how big the dinosaur was in real life.
a) ankle
b) nose
c) hand
d) foot print

Dinosaurs with sharp teeth usually ate ________________ as their primary diet.
a) plants
b) meat

Bones, hair, skin, flesh, and even internal organs can be preserved when an animal is
a) petrified
b) preserved in carbon
c) frozen

Plants and animals that decay slowly leave behind a thin film of the element ________.
a) lithium
b) sodium
c) potassium
d) carbon

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