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Agenda setting theory argues what?
a) that there is a time and place for humor in politics
b) that the media sets the priority for the public
c) that all commercials send a true/ positive message

With the agenda theory, what is the main idea?
a) compares how media outlets prioritize stories with how the audience perceives it.
b) to brain wash the public through the media
c) reflects on the use of media in today`s world.

the behavioral theory is deductive because...
a) it allows for the possibility that the conclusion is false, even if all of the premises are true.
b) it is never used to test the theory
c) the researcher has a theory in mind before studying.

behavioral studies draw from which approaches?
a) philosophy of science
b) positivism
c) all of the above

Which of these is a form of the CAT theory?
a) the speaker alters the message to meet the needs of the reciever
b) everyone likes cats
c) race or gender never play a part in the message the speaker is trying to send

in which ways can communication accommodation occur?
a) conversion and diversity
b) convergence and divergence
c) community and symbols

Which theory was designed to look at how communication patterns change as two individuals initiate conversation?
a) communication patterns theory
b) uncertainty reduction theory
c) none of the above

When two people meet, they reduce their discomfort by getting to know each other `s communication style which does what?
a) reduces uncertainty
b) make each other angry
c) forms close relationships that last a life time.

the narrative theory was based around the fact that...
a) communication was done through storytelling
b) communication has changed over the years
c) no one likes to hear stories

which is a form of the narrative theory
c) arguably, all of the above.

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