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The Monroe Doctrine was a warning to-
a) European nations
b) slave owners
c) new settlers
d) American Indians

The War of 1812 resulted in the United States gaining-
a) use of the Ohio river
b) land for growing cash crops
c) trade agreements with France
d) respect from European nations

How was America able to win the Revolutionary War?
a) defense of the colonists own land, strong beliefs, and capable leadership
b) the thirteen colonies had more advantages than England upon entering the war
c) England did not believe it could win the war
d) England had few advantages in the war with her American colonies

In which area on a map is Roanoke Island (the lost colony) located?
a) New England
b) New York
c) North Carolina
d) Georgia

One issue that led patriots to fight in the American Revolution was anger toward
a) colonial governors
b) the continental Congress
c) town meetings
d) House of Burgesses

Which group from the Church of England established Plymouth Colony?
a) Puritans
b) Separatists
c) Quakers
d) Debtors

New England colonists who focused on building ships is an example of-
a) interdependence
b) resources
c) diversity
d) specialization

Fish and timber are examples of which type of resource and from what region?
a) Mid-Atlantic- human resource
b) New England- natural resource
c) Southern- natural resource
d) Western- capital resource

"I work as a craftsman, making and selling furniture in a small town and on plantations." The statement above best describes an-
a) indentured servant
b) large landowner
c) farmer
d) artisan

Which of the following describes the economic relationship between Great Britain and the colonies?
a) colonists made all the finished products they needed
b) colonial legislatures made laws monitored by governors
c) Great Britain taxed the colonies after the French and Indian War
d) the colonists were independent of Great Britain

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