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Which of the following is not a formula for power?
a) power = work/time
b) P=w/t
c) P=(F x D)/ t
d) P=F/t

What is the English unit for power?
a) foot x pound
b) newton x meter
c) watt
d) horsepower

What is the SI unit for power?
a) foot x pound
b) newton x meter
c) watt
d) horsepower

What is the formula for power in a rotational system?
a) P = (T x (theta))/ t
b) P= T/t
c) P= theta / t
d) P=T/ theta

One horsepower is equal to how many watts?
a) 550
b) 134
c) 746
d) 823

A force of 25 Newtons is needed to keep a piston moving at a speed of 0.5 m/sec. The power of the piston is...
a) 12.5 watts
b) 25 j/s
c) 50 hp
d) 25 newton meters/sec

If you have 50 hp in and 25 hp out, what is yoru efficiency?
a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 100%
d) 200%

A hydraulic cylinder lifts a steel casting in a manufacturing plant. The casting weighs 200 pounds and is raised 3 feet in 4 seconds at a constant speed. What is the horsepower?
a) (200)(3) / 4
b) (200)(4) / 3
c) (4)(3) / 200
d) (200) / (4)(3)

Who was the first person to use power as a technical principle?
a) Alessandro Volta
b) Andre Marie Ampere
c) George Simon Ohm
d) James Watt

Power is the rate of doing _________.
a) force
b) work
c) resistance
d) distance

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