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Who was the most famous trumpet player of the 1920s?
a) Louis Armstrong
b) Duke Ellington
c) Bessie Smith
d) Al Capone

Which one of the following did Prohibition NOT lead to?
a) more shopping centers
b) more gang crime
c) speakeasies
d) bootlegging

Which person was a famous singer of Jazz music?
a) Al Capone
b) Bessie Smith
c) Duke Ellington
d) Helen Wills

Which one of these was NOT a famous 1920s sports star?
a) Babe Ruth
b) Jack Dempsey
c) Bobby Jones
d) Michael Jordan

Which sport is more popular today than it was in the 1920s?
a) boxing
b) swimming
c) basketball
d) tennis

Who was the most popular movie actor of the 1920s?
a) Charlie Chaplin
b) Mary Pickford
c) Laurel and Hardy
d) Rudolph Valentino

Which of these is NOT an example of 'mass media'?
a) radio
b) newspapers
c) movies
d) letters

Which one of these men invented the radio?
a) David Sarnoff
b) Guglielmo Marconi
c) Thomas Edison
d) Frank Conrad

Which of these did away with the 18th amendment?
a) 19th amendment
b) Volstead Act
c) Roosevelt Presidential Order
d) 21st amendment

Which form of music did NOT come from jazz?
a) rap
b) disco
c) country
d) rock and roll

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