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What is the name of the approach teachers of dyslexic children use when teaching?
a) multi-sensory
b) eye training
c) rapid reading
d) timed reading

The difference between present reading ability and reading potential.
a) Discrepency Model
b) Dyslexia
c) zero
d) Treatment Resistant

To assess this phonemic awareness skill, you could ask a child to tell you the first sound in the word box
a) Blending
b) Segmentation
c) Initial Sounds
d) Rhyming

What phonemic awareness skill are you assessing when you ask students to tell the individual sounds they hear in the word \
a) Ending sounds
b) blending
c) rhyming
d) Segmentation

A student who significantly lags behind other students in reading will attend this type of reading program.
a) developmental reading program
b) clinical reading program
c) blank
d) blank

What is the smallest unit of the spoken language?
a) atom
b) neutron
c) phoneme
d) vowels

Which of the following is a low level phonemic awareness skill?
a) rhyming
b) blending
c) blank
d) blank

Reading is a developmental process.
a) True
b) False
c) blank
d) blank

Under NCLB, federal funding was given to schools who followed which of the following rules.
a) Made children attend school from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
b) Incorporated multiple approaches to reading instruction.
c) Hired more teachers
d) Used research-based curriculum

What is reading?
a) reading + comprehension
b) The ability to get a 100% on a speed reading test.
c) print processing + comprehension
d) decoding + word recall

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