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Below is a preview of the questions contained within the game titled PASSAGE #2:COX'S SWIM: Passage #2: 472words, 6.3FK, 850L Lynne Cox Was The First Person To Swim The Bearing Straight Between Alaska In The United States And Siberia In The UUSR. She Swam Without A Wet Suit Or Shark Cage In 44-degree Weather. The Distance Was 2.4miles. To play games using this data set, follow the directions below. Good luck and have fun. Enjoy! [print these questions]

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According to the passage, Cox swam for more than:
a) 1 hour
b) 50 hours
c) 44 hours
d) 2 hours

According to the passage most humans' hearts will stop beating after
a) Their country will not allow them to swim across very cold water
b) They put their head above warm water
c) They swim in water under 44-degrees for a few minutes
d) They choose not to use a shark cage

All of the following details are mentioned in the passage EXCEPT
a) She swam without a wetsuit
b) The distance was over 5 miles
c) she lost direction in the fog
d) The swim fascinated scientists

If the main idea of paragraph 5 is that Cox's swim affected world peace, which of the following details best supports it?
a) The Soviet Union and the United States signed a treaty
b) World peace is a priority ofr female athletes
c) Cox was able to maintain stable body temperature
d) The soviet leader was disappointed that Cox swam

the following statements is the most appropriate title for paragraph 2
a) Motivation, Drive, and Cox's Swim
b) World Peace and Swimming
c) Fame, Fourtune, and World Peace
d) Uniting Countries with Sports

According to the passage
a) Cox's body is not special
b) Scientists are intersted in studying mammals in Antarctica
c) The human body is not built for extreme cold temperatures
d) Sharks are not a concern in cold water

All of the following happened after Cox's swim EXCEPT
a) An icelandic man's boat overturned and he also swam through cold water
b) Scientists studied Cox in London to determine how she survived
c) A treaty was signed between the United states and the Soviet Union (USSR)
d) Cox was praised by the USSR president at a meeting

Accodring to the passage the most appropriate word to describe Cox is
a) careful
b) spoiled
c) selfish
d) astonishing

According to the passage Cox's body was able to remain warm in such cold water because
a) She wanted so badly to reach the Russians
b) The United States created a nuclear suit for her to wear
c) She trained with an Icelandic man before swimming
d) She's got an extremely even fat layer that is a perfect setup

According to Cox her fat layer is similar to
a) The Icelandic man
b) The USSR
c) Whales only
d) Whales and other marine animals

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