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Which is NOT a cause of the Spanish American War?
a) The Spanish invasion of the Philippines.
b) Yellow Journalism
c) Sinking of the Maine
d) Jose Marti's aggression

What was the "Influence of Sea Power"?
a) A book that laid out the plan for American Imperialism
b) The Great White Fleet
c) Gun Boat Diplomacy
d) Britains conquest of India

What was the Open Door policy?
a) Roosevelt's welcoming philosopy at the White House.
b) Trade with China is open to any country.
c) Trade with China is limited by European countries.
d) The opening of a route from New York to China via the Panama Canal

Which President used Missionary diplomacy for foreign policy.
a) McKinley
b) Roosevelt
c) Taft
d) Wilson

Which president also served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
a) McKinley
b) Roosevelt
c) Taft
d) Wilson

Which country did the U.S. help Panama break from?
a) Colombia
b) Mexico
c) Costa Rica
d) Spain

What was the purpose of the Platt Amendment
a) To guarantee Cuban independence.
b) To ensure American influence over Cuba.
c) To annex the Philippines.
d) To break Cuba from Spain.

What prevented France from completing the Panama Canal?
a) The dry weather.
b) The lack of technology available at the time.
c) Too little money.
d) Inexperience building canals.

Why did the U.S. need coaling stations?
a) Because our navy could not operate long distance without them.
b) Because we didn't have any coal at home.
c) Because everyone else had them.
d) To keep them out of China's possession.

Why does American want to become an Imperial Country?
a) To find new markets for their goods.
b) To control more people.
c) To challenge Britain.
d) To create more states.

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