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What is usually responsible for an earthquake?
a) pressure buildup within the mantle
b) slippage along faults within the Earth's crust
c) weathering along coastlines
d) force changes from the moon pulling on Earth

Scientists use volcanoes and earthquake activity to establish
a) plate boundaries
b) lines of latitude
c) borders between countries
d) the density of rock layers

The point from which an earthquake originates is called the
a) focus
b) epicenter
c) fault line
d) shock wave

What is the minimium number of seismographic stations needed to locate the epicenter of an earthquake?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 5
d) 10

If the locations of earthquakes over the past 10 years were plotted on a world map, which of the following would be observed?
a) Earthquakes occur with the same frequency everywhere on Earth.
b) Earthquakes generally occur along the edges of tectonic plates.
c) Earthquakes most frequently occur near the middle of continents.
d) Earthquakes do not seem to occur in any consistent pattern.

The study of how seismic waves change as they travel through Earth has revealed that
a) P-waves travel more slowly than S-waves through Earth's crust
b) seismic waves travel more slowly through the mantle because it is very dense
c) Earth's outer core is solid because P-waves are not transmitted through this layer
d) Earth's outer core is liquid because S-waves are not transmitted through this layer

Two tectonic plates sliding past each other like the movement at the San Andreas fault causes what type of fault?
a) strike-slip fault
b) normal fault
c) reverse fault
d) thrust fault

The majority of earthquakes and volcanoes occur around the Pacific Ocean Plate which is known as
a) the ring of fire
b) Pangaea
c) Mercalli's area
d) the zone of aeration

The location on the surface of Earth directly above the origin of an earthquake is known as the
a) epicenter
b) focus
c) fault line
d) shock wave

Which earthquake wave travels the fastest and arrives first?
a) P-wave
b) S-wave
c) L-wave
d) Love wave

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