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The main idea is usually the most...
a) general statement.
b) specific statement.
c) boring statement.
d) important statement.

The main idea is also known as the
a) argument.
b) topic.
c) central point.
d) major detal.

Examples, facts, and reasons are
a) main ideas.
b) supporting detals.
c) minor details.
d) topics.

In textbooks, the main idea appears the most often in
a) the beginning.
b) the end.
c) the middle.
d) nowhere on the page.

Which of the following statements is the point?
a) Lottery winners have been known to use their winnings to gamble.
b) Some lottery winners invest large sums of money on business ventures.
c) Winning the lottery can create as many problems as it solves.
d) Other lottery winners report squandering their money to help out friends.

Which of the following statements is the point?
a) By age 14, 81 percent of young people have tried drinking.
b) More than 43 percent of teenagers have experimented with illegal drugs.
c) In the United States, teenage drug and alcohol abuse is especially common.
d) One-third of teenagers half tried at least on highly addictive substance.

The "topic" is also known as the
a) subject
b) point
c) main idea
d) detail

Which of the following statements is the point?
a) People like to interact with other people as they shop.
b) Despite its growing popularity, Internet shopping will never entirely replace shopping in stores.
c) Many people still use shopping as simply an excuse to get out of the house.
d) People like to see, touch, and try on the items they intend to buy.

List words signal that
a) the main idea is coming up next.
b) addition words will appear.
c) details will follow.
d) the paragraph will be long.

Which of the following statements is the point?
a) There is growing evidence that global warming is real.
b) The number of category 4 and 5 hurricanes has doubled in the past three decades.
c) In the past 100-plus years of record-keeping, eight of the ten hottest years have occured since 1996
d) According to scientists, the ice surrounding the North Pole is starting to decline.

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