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Technology is
a) electronic products
b) suitable
c) repairmen
d) devices

Simultaneously means
a) in the same way
b) at the same time
c) at different times
d) quickly

Proportion means
a) height and width
b) proper amount
c) number of minutes
d) a part or share

Which word is a compound word?
a) Simultaneously
b) cyberbullies
c) manipulating
d) dependent

Which two words are homophones?
a) phone / fond
b) critic / critical
c) cell / sell
d) trouble / douoble

What is the meaning of the word appropriate?
a) suitable
b) noisy
c) distracting
d) useful

Critics are
a) incorrect people
b) teachers
c) people against something
d) people in favor of something

To conclude means
a) to guess something.
b) to decide something after looking at the information.
c) to have an opinion about something.
d) to check that something is a fact.

An opinion is
a) something true that can be verified.
b) supported by research.
c) what someone thinks or believes.
d) not true.

Facts are
a) what someone thinks or believes.
b) a judgement about something.
c) not true.
d) true and can be verified.

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