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Why were the Articles of Confederation not successful?
a) They did not establish a strong central authority.
b) They created a dictator.
c) They taxed too much.
d) They failed to create a legislature.

The Declaration of Independence is based on....
a) consent of the people
b) historical examples
c) loyalty and honor
d) independence of the individual

What was the turning point of the American Revolution?
a) Saratoga
b) New York
c) Trenton
d) Cowpens

What was the result of the turning point of the American Revolution?
a) France joins.
b) Britain surrenders.
c) Washington resigns.
d) The British Navy is destroyed.

Who discovered America?
a) Leif Erickson
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Hernan Cortez
d) John Smith

What are the colonies of Pennsylvania and Rhode Island known for?
a) Religious Tolerance
b) Puritanism
c) Being the first colonies.
d) Discovering gold.

What was the main reason Britain increased taxes in the Americas?
a) To punish rebellious groups.
b) To pay for the French and Indian War.
c) To build a new castle for King George III.
d) To pay for tariffs imposed on them by others.

Who were those that sided with the the King of England?
a) Loyalists
b) Patriots
c) Colonists
d) Nationalist

What did the 3/5 compromise resolve?
a) slaves counted as 3/5 a person in the population
b) amendment ratification ratio
c) male/female ratio needed to become a state
d) ratio of slave to free states

The very first American colonists were seeking......
a) gold and riches
b) religious freedom
c) political freedom
d) rich farmland

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