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An earthquake's magnitude is a measure of the
a) size of the seismic wave it produces
b) amount of shaking it produces
c) number of surface waves it produces
d) damage it causes

What instrument records earthquake waves
a) seismograph
b) seismogram
c) barometer
d) Richter scale

How much of an increase in wave amplitude is seen from an earthquake measureing 5.4 on the Richter scale compared to one measuring 4.4
a) ten times
b) two times
c) 20 times
d) 100 times

Tsuamis are
a) often generated by movements of the ocean floor
b) waves that are produced by tidal forces
c) waves that connot cause damage on land
d) also know as tidal waves

A sucession of ocean waves set in motion by a submarine earthquake is called an
a) tsunami
b) underwater landslide
c) compression wave
d) liquefaction

In areas where unconsolidated sediments are saturated with water, earthquakes can turn stable soil into a fluid process called
a) liquefaction
b) underwater landslide
c) fault creep
d) tidal effect

A building that settles unevenly after an eathquake is evidence of
a) liquefaction
b) underwater landslide
c) tsunami
d) fault creep

A tsunami can occur when there is verticle movement at a fault under
a) the ocean floor
b) the San Andreas fault
c) small inland lake
d) a mountain range

Why do earthquakes often cause damaging fires
a) Earthquake vibrations can break gas, water and electrical lines
b) Lightening strikes are common during earthquakes
c) Tsunamis from earthquakes generate enogh heat to start fires
d) Magma from deep underground escapes through faults

Which of the following is used in an attempt to aamake short range predictions of when earthquakes will occur
a) strain in rocks near faults
b) study of historical records
c) changes in the color of rocks near faults
d) height of the ocean waves after earthquakes

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