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what command is used to set an image background to transparent?
a) Transparent
b) Format background
c) Remove background
d) Make transparent

Which is the means for beginning Edit Mode to modify a comment on a slide?
a) Choose Edit from the Home ribbon
b) Choose Edit from the Comment Ribbon
c) Right-Click the Comment box and choose start Edit from the shortcut menu
d) Double-click the Comment box

Which Ribbon appears when a sound clip is selected for a slide to allow a user to control how the sound clip plays?
a) Audio Tools Slide Show
b) Audio Tools Playback
c) Audio Tools Design
d) Audio Tools Format

Which PowerPoint 2010 pane shows the current slide as it will appear during the slide show?
a) Note
b) File
c) Outline
d) Slide

Which Ribbon contains the command to create a link to a new location?
a) Home
b) Slide Show
c) Transitions
d) Insert

In PowerPoint 2010, what command is used to save a new presentation with a new name?
a) Exit
b) Save as
c) Save
d) Close

Which command is used to view the various options that can be applied to a selected animation?
a) Add Animation
b) Effect Options
c) Reorder Animation
d) Trigger

Which of the following includes illustrations, movies, sounds, and stock photograhy stored in collections for easy access from both a user\'s local machine and the website?
a) Images
b) Themes
c) Clipart
d) Styles

Which area serves as a temporary storage location for text or other objects are stored when you cut or copy them.
a) Clip folder
b) Clipboard
c) Shortcut menu
d) Clipart

What command on the Home Ribbon enables a user to chagne the design of a slide after it has been inserted into a presentation?
a) New Slide
b) Reset
c) Arrange
d) Layout

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