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The doubling of ground-level ozone since 1850 is most likely due to
a) the chemical composition of the upper atmosphere
b) emissions from vehicles and industrial processes
c) the extinction of certain animal species
d) a greater use of nuclear fuel

Which consequence could most likely be associated with a decrease in biodiversity in an area?
a) More species would be better able to survive a major environmental change.
b) The ecosystems in the area would become more stable
c) The amount of genetic information in the species of the area would increase.
d) Some sources of future foods or medications would be lost.

Because of an attractive tax rebate, a homeowner decides to replace an oil furnace heating system with expensive solar panels. The trade-offs involved in making this decision
a) high cost of solar panels, reduced fuel costs, and lower taxes
b) low cost of solar panels, increased fuel costs, and higher taxes
c) increased use of fuel, more stable ecosystems, and less availability of solar radiation
d) more air pollution, increased use of solar energy, and greater production of oil

If an ecosystem is not altered, which stage would be the most stable?
a) grass
b) shrub
c) pine forest
d) hardwood forest

The carrying capacity for herbivores in a habitat is most directly affected by the availability of
a) heat energy released by carnivores
b) carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
c) photosynthetic organisms
d) decomposers in the soil

Competition between two species occurs when
a) mold grows on a tree that has fallen in the forest
b) chipmunks and squirrels eat sunflower seeds in a garden
c) a crow feeds on the remains of a rabbit killed on the road
d) a lion stalks, kills, and eats an antelope

Organisms that are able to manufacture organic nutrients from substances in the abiotic environment are classified as
a) heterotrophs
b) fungi
c) predators
d) autotrophs

Which statement best describes a hypothesis?
a) A hypothesis is the process of making careful observations.
b) The conclusion drawn from the results of an experiment is part of a hypothesis.
c) A hypothesis serves as a basis for what data to collect.
d) The facts collected from an experiment are written in the form of a hypothesis.

Which structures are listed in order from the least complex to the most complex?
a) plant cell, leaf, chloroplast, rose bush
b) chloroplast, plant cell, leaf, rose bush
c) chloroplast, leaf, plant cell, rose bush
d) rose bush, leaf, plant cell, chloroplast

The ability of an enzyme molecule to interact with specific molecules is most directly determined by the
a) number of molecules involved
b) sequence of bases present in ATP
c) shapes of the molecules involved
d) amount of glucose present in the cell

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