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What is the environmental issue in Mexico?
a) oil spills
b) deforestation
c) Air pollution

What causes this environmental issue in Mexico?
a) factories and cars
b) buildings and pavement
c) not cleaning

What is the environmental issue in Brazil?
a) air pollution
b) Deforestation
c) oil spills

___________________ is the largest island in the West Indies.
a) Haiti
b) Cuba
c) Phillipines

Since Portugal claimed Brazil, Brazilians speak __________________.
a) Portugues
b) Spanish
c) Brazilian

What is the major religion in Latin America?
a) Judaism
b) Hinduism
c) Catholicism

Why do most people in Brazil live around the Atlantic coast?
a) Jobs
b) it's pretty
c) The houses are nicer

What language is the most-spoken language of Latin America?
a) Portugues
b) Spanish
c) Latin American

Which country in Latin America has the highest population, healthiest economy, and is the largest country?
a) Columbia
b) Bolivia
c) Brazil

Describe a mulatto.
a) offspring of European and African American people
b) offspring of European and Latin American people.
c) offspring of Afrian American and Latin American people.

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