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Which type of energy source is coal?
a) renewable
b) non-renewable
c) inexhautible
d) unusable

Which type of energy comes from the moving water in rivers?
a) solar
b) nuclear
c) hydroelectric
d) tidal

Which type of energy does a photovoltaic convert solar energy into?
a) nuclear
b) chemical
c) mechanical
d) electrical

Which type of energy comes from heat inside the Earth?
a) solar
b) geothermal
c) hydroelectric
d) tidal

Which device converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
a) a generator
b) a turbine
c) a power plant
d) a transformer

What is the name for all energy sources that can be used instead of fossil fuels?
a) good resources
b) replacement resources
c) green resources
d) alternative resources

What is a disadvantage of nuclear energy?
a) It is expensive
b) It is renewable
c) It doesn't produce much energy
d) It produces harmful waste

What is an advantage of using windmills to harness energy?
a) Windmills are inexpensive
b) Windmills can be placed anywhere
c) Windmills do not produce pollution
d) Windmills decrease the population of birds

Which of the following is not a fossil fuel?
a) petroleum
b) coal
c) natural gas
d) uranium

Which source of energy is produced by burning of organic materials?
a) biomass
b) coal
c) solar
d) natural gas

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