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Wolves live
a) alone
b) in pairs
c) in packs
d) in schools

One way that one wolf talks to another wolf is by
a) meowing
b) howling
c) singing
d) making its own sound

A mother wolf will ____________ when she talks to her pups.
a) bark
b) growl
c) howl
d) squeak

The leader of the wolf pack is the __________ wolf.
a) alpha
b) beta
c) chief
d) king

The alpha wolves use all the following signals except _______________.
a) holding their tails in the air
b) biting and fighting with another wolf
c) staring at another wolf
d) laying a paw on another wolf

The setting of this selection is the _____________.
a) tundra
b) forest
c) mountains
d) ocean

baby wolves are called
a) kittens
b) dogs
c) pups
d) cubs

In this selection, cooperation means
a) fighting with someone
b) communicating with others
c) excitement
d) working together

What is one way members of a wolf pack tell each other they want to be friends?
a) growling
b) wagging their tails
c) howling
d) biting

Give an example of how one wolf communicates with another wolf.
a) howling
b) crying
c) talking with words
d) writing an e-mail

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