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The Mexican War of 1846-1848 was partly the result of the dispute over the-
a) American settlement in Oregon
b) right of Americans to settle in Mexico
c) California gold rush
d) border between Texas and Mexico

Which of these land areas was added to the United States first?
a) Florida
b) Texas
c) Louisiana Territory
d) Oregon

Who did the provisional government of the Republic of Texas name as commander in chief of the Texas force?
a) Davy Crockett
b) Sam Houston
c) Jim Bowie
d) John Tyler

After which victory did some Texans leave thinking the war had been won?
a) Gonzales
b) Mexico City
c) San Antonio
d) Battle of the Rio Grande

During the battle in Gonzales, Texas bore a flag on the cannon on which was printed,
a) Come and Take It
b) Freedom or Death
c) Texans Are Americans
d) Texas or Die

The Mexican government arrested Stephen F. Austin because he worked for
a) the American government
b) Texas independence
c) President Santa Anna
d) overthtowing the government

Mexicans who claimed Texas as their home were called
a) Mexicans
b) Texans
c) Tejanos
d) empresarios

What was a city that seemed to spring up overnight called?
a) rancho
b) mission
c) boomtown
d) metropolis

In the west lies my opportunity for religious freedom. What term best describes this person's motivation for heading west?
a) economic
b) social
c) political
d) geographic

Which of the following served as a geographic barrier to settlers trying to move westward in the eighteenth century?
a) the Mississippi River
b) the Appalachian Mountains
c) the Great Plains
d) the Rocky Mountains

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