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Every ___________ must have a power source and an unbroken path.
a) circuit
b) current
c) series
d) posiive source

A temporary magnet formed when electric current flows through a wire coiled around a metal core is an ___________________.
a) electromagnet
b) perfect magnet
c) electric machine
d) electric pole

A _____________ produces electricity by using a coil of wire and a magnet.
a) generator
b) school
c) magnet
d) resistor

Be prepared to name two things that use an electromagnet.
a) look it up
b) look it up
c) look it up
d) look it up

Be prepared to name one way magnets can produce electricity.
a) look it up
b) look it up
c) look it up
d) look it up

______________ electricity is more useful than static electricity.
a) Current
b) Combination
c) Absolute
d) Conductor

Objects that have the same number of positive and negative charges are __________.
a) neutral
b) positive
c) negative
d) a combination burrito

A circuit that has only one path is a ___________ circuit.
a) series
b) conducting
c) parallel
d) boring

An ofbect with 11- charges and 8 + charges has a _____________ charge.
a) negative
b) positive
c) nuetral
d) combination

A continuous flow of negative charges through a material is call ____________ electricity.
a) current
b) series of
c) nuetral
d) positive

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