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an unincorperated territory of the U.S.
a) guam
b) tonga
c) the northern islands
d) fiji isalnds

dried coconut meat, used to make margerine, soap, and other products
a) copra
b) tonga
c) papeete
d) ice cap

it is in Frenchh Polynesia
a) tahiti
b) marshall islands
c) micronesia
d) melonesia

the capitol of french polynesia
a) papeete
b) tahiti
c) antartic treaty
d) guam

platelike cover of ice and snow that covers a large area
a) ice cap
b) ice shelf
c) polar ice
d) ice layer

southwest pacific ocean east of the fiji islands
a) tonga
b) tahiti
c) papeete
d) copra

a group of more than 800 islands
a) fiji islands
b) marshall islands
c) copra islands
d) guam islands

a self governing group of micronesia
a) marshall islands
b) fiji islands
c) copra islands
d) tahiti islands

says no country can come and take minerals.
a) antartic treay
b) micronesia treaty
c) melonesia treaty
d) polynesia treaty

a country in the southwest pacific ocean that is half an island
a) papua new guinea
b) guam
c) melonesia
d) polynesia

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