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Which of the following is NOT an important fact about Lewis Cass?
a) He was known as the "Boy Governor."
b) He was governor of Michigan Territory for 18 years.
c) He wrote the state motto.
d) He created the state seal.

Which of the following is an important fact about Stevens T. Mason?
a) He took over Lewis Cass's job as governor.
b) He was known as "boy governor."
c) He became secretary of Michigan at age 19.
d) All of the above.

Which of the following was NOT a change that occurred as a result of the pioneers?
a) More Native Americans came to Michigan.
b) Michigan's population increased.
c) New forms of transportation were created.
d) Many trees were cut down.

Why were many trees cut down when pioneers came to Michigan?
a) They needed to clear the land for planting crops.
b) It was part of a pioneer game.
c) They wanted to use the trees for paper.
d) They thought it made Michigan look better.

Why did many Native Americans leave Michigan when pioneers came?
a) The government gave their desirable land to pioneers.
b) The Native Americans thought the pioneers were annoying.
c) The Native Americans wanted to explore new parts of the country.
d) All of the above.

Which of the following events came FIRST?
a) Michigan became a state.
b) The capital of Michigan was changed from Detroit to Lansing.
c) Stevens T. Mason became secretary of Michigan Territory.
d) Lewis Cass became governor of Michigan Territory.

Which of the following events came LAST?
a) The Northwest Ordinance was passed.
b) A conflict called the Toledo War occurred.
c) Michigan became a state.
d) Lewis Cass became governor of Michigan Territory.

Which of the following was a new type of transportation that pioneers used?
a) Canals
b) Canoes
c) Roller coasters
d) Trains

What is Mrs. Clarkson's favorite color?
a) Yellow
b) Pink
c) Blue
d) Green

What is a similtarity between Lewis Cass and Stevens T. Mason?
a) They both were governors of Michigan.
b) They both were the same age.
c) They both designed the state seal.
d) They both explored the land.

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