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The first step of the problem solving process is
a) Say out loud each step you are using.
b) Pinpoint the type of math problems on which you are having difficulty.
c) Find an example.
d) Ask for help.

The second step of the problem-solving approach is
a) Pinpoint or figure out the type of math problems you are having difficulty with.
b) Say the steps as you perform each operation
c) Choose a problem and say each step out loud while working through problem.
d) Call a study buddy.

The third step of the problem-solving approach is
a) Choose a problem.
b) Stop, find an example, and read the example out loud.
c) Ask the teacher for help.
d) Repeat step one.

Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing are
a) The four basic math operations
b) Hard
c) Ways to appraoch reading textbooks
d) The scientific method

The first step in solving math difficulties is to
a) Determine where you need to strengthen skills
b) Practice different types of math problems
c) Check for errors
d) Repitition

Part of strengthening skills is to
a) Work on them
b) Use them once every few months
c) Compensate by cheating
d) Pretend to be good at the skills

When you master the basics in any area of life you have more
a) friends
b) money and power
c) control and freedom
d) feel unsuccessful

Asking for help is the
a) first step of the problem-solving approach
b) the fourth step of the problem-solving approach
c) the third step of the problem-solving approach
d) the fifth step of the problem-solving approach

Working math problems is a two step process. The first step is to write out the steps. The second step is
a) Stop
b) Copy problems from the textbook
c) Write out the steps
d) Say the steps as you perform each operation, checking the off as you go

The sooner you master the four operations the sooner math will become
a) more complicated and difficult
b) tolerable
c) easier
d) exciting

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