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This series of laws were meant to limit the rights of African Americans in the South
a) Big Tom Laws
b) Jim Crow Laws
c) John Smith Laws
d) Uncle Remus Laws

Which of the following was a social concern that was faced in the late 1800s
a) animal abuse
b) child abuse
c) pollution
d) rape

This is a natural resource that was found in abundance in the Northwest
a) gold
b) cactus
c) cotton
d) lumber

These were Southerners that supported the Republican Party after reconstruction
a) carpetbaggers
b) industrialists
c) scalawags
d) confederates

This Unions workers were known as Wobblies
a) IWW
b) AFL
c) KOL
d) ABC

This group of immigrants was treated the worst in the US
a) European
b) Hispanic
c) African
d) Chinese

This President was assessinated because a citizen thought he was "owed" a job in the government
a) Theodore Roosevelt
b) Warren Harding
c) William Taft
d) James A Garfield

These were the leaders of local political organizations that controlled the major cities
a) party bosses
b) politicians
c) governors
d) Primary Leaders

These were production costs that did not change
a) fixed costs
b) fluctuating costs
c) operating costs
d) production costs

Who won the 2012 election
a) Ashley Gill
b) Barack Obama
c) Mitt Romney
d) Mickey Mouse

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