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This was the movement that fought for the right to vote among women
a) equal rights movement
b) voters movement
c) suffrage movement
d) gilded movement

This was the movement to end the sale, purchase, and consumption of alcohol
a) prohibition
b) suffrage
c) anti-alcohol
d) deprivation

This was the author of the The Jungle
a) Mark Twain
b) Tom Sawyer
c) Plessy Ferguson
d) Upton Sinclair

This is the economic theory where the worth of money goes up while the cost of goods goes down
a) inflation
b) refraction
c) deflation
d) depression

Big Stick Policy was the economic and political stance of which president?
a) William Taft
b) Warren Harding
c) Chester Garfield
d) Theodore Roosevelt

This is the theory of "survival of the fittest"
a) social darwinism
b) individualism
c) social gospel
d) realism

These were the rundown apartment style homes that immigrants and poor citizens lived in
a) tenements
b) apartments
c) slums
d) projects

This was put into placve in an effort to takedown monopolies
a) Monopoly Act
b) Sherman Anti-Trust Act
c) Anti-Industrialization Act
d) Anti-Business Act

Settlers that moved into this region before itwas legally available for claim were called "sooners", which state was this?
a) Nebraska
b) Nevado
c) Texas
d) Oklahoma

This area of land was owned by the US Govt and any ranchers could bring their cattle through this region
a) prairie
b) Texas
c) Plains
d) Open Range

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