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This tragedy in Chicago brough tabout the end of the Knights of Labor Union
a) The Gentlemens Agreement
b) The Haymarket Riot
c) Triangle Factory Fire
d) The Wobbly Lockout

This Supreme Court Case enforced the idea that "separate by equal" is lawful:
a) Roe vs Wade
b) Northern Securities vs United States
c) McColluch vs Maryland
d) Plessy vs Ferguson

Who was a journalist that only wrote about the wrongs in society
a) muckraker
b) imperialist
c) politician
d) tabloid writer

This term means "extreme nationalism" and was typically marked by aggressive foreign policy
a) nationalism
b) jingoism
c) extremism
d) imperialism

Which of the following is the definition of direct primary?
a) vote help by all members of a political party to devide on a candidate
b) political system that allows some party members to select upcoming candidates
c) group of individuals chosen at random to run for office
d) voting system that selects members of the electoral college

He was an American Entrepreneur that established Standard Oil
a) Edwin Drake
b) John Rockefeller
c) Andrew Carnegie
d) JP Morgan

This the theory that government should stay out of busniess affairs
a) monopoly
b) foraker
c) laissez-faire
d) inflation

This was the title of the Souix upring that meant to resist the presence of the US Military in the Plains region
a) Little Big Horn
b) Sand Creek Massacre
c) Red Clouds War
d) Geronimos War

This was put in place to keep freed African Americans from voting in elections
a) blacklists
b) Platt Amendment
c) open door policy
d) Poll Tax

It was in the battle that General Custer was killed
a) Sand Creek Massacre
b) La Grange
c) Little Big Horn
d) Manila Bay

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