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The Greek myth Prometheus provided an explanation for the following:
a) Why you should never defy the gods
b) Why people don't need fire
c) How Prometheus ended up chained to a rock
d) How humans got fire

The Greek myth Arachne provided an explanation of the following:
a) How goddess Athena was greater than any mortal
b) That a human can never be better than a god
c) How Greeks came up with the name Arachne for spiders
d) Why you should never defy the gods

What quality makes Orpheus special?
a) His ability to sing and play music
b) His beautiful paintings and sculptures
c) His ability to worship and obey the gods
d) His great love for Eurydice

How did Eurydice die?
a) The gods killed her to punish Orpheus
b) Orpheus killed her out of anger
c) She took her own life
d) She was bitten in the foot by a snake

The word inconsolable, as in, "Orpheus was inconsolable about Eurydice" means:
a) had a natural ability
b) worried about his future
c) impossible to comfort
d) very talented

Orpheus traveled to the underworld to:
a) Seek forgiveness for his crimes
b) Bring back Eurydice from the land of the dead
c) Die and be with Eurydice in the afterlife
d) Find the god Hades

Hades is brought to tears by:
a) Orpheus' explanation of his love for Eurydice
b) His anger at Orpheus for coming to the underworld
c) His memory of his own lost love
d) Orpheus' beautiful, sad music

Orpheus looks back at Eurydice as they leave the underworld because:
a) She calls to him to stop
b) He is unsure that Hades actually kept his promise to let her go
c) Hades threatens him
d) She doesn't want to leave with him

How is Orpheus' conflict finally resolved?
a) He sneaks back into the underworld to see Eurydice one last time
b) He creates a beautiful song to honor Eurydice's memory
c) He is killed and reunited with Eurydice in the underworld
d) Hades punishes him for disobeying his command

What is the moral of Orpheus and Eurydice?
a) Keep the ones you love close so they will not fall to harm
b) Do not make deals with the gods; they cannot be trusted
c) Treasure your time with your loved ones
d) Disobey the gods and their commands at your own risk

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