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Worker Rights And Protection. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

An employer who pays your salary has a right to tell you what to do as long as it is
a) not unlawful
b) in the companies policy and procedure manual
c) in your job description
d) fair

The foundation for a good relationship between employers and workers is
a) honesty and respect
b) fair employment practices
c) affirmative action
d) equal employment opportunity

OSHA is a government agency that
a) sets and enforces standards for safe and healthful working conditions
b) protects from discrimination
c) provides equal pay to all employers
d) covers the minimum wage

The ??? Act covers child labor, wages and hours, and equal pay.
a) Fair Labor Standards
b) Equal Opportunity
c) Affirmative Action

Equal employment laws protect workers against
a) discrimination based on race, sex, religion, age, and national origin
b) unsafe working conditions
c) unhealthy working conditions
d) dangerous situations

Civil Rights Act of 1964
a) Equal employment opportunity
b) Equal pay
c) Child labor
d) Affirmative action

Establishes a federal minimum wage
a) Wage and hours
b) Equal pay
c) Equal employment opportunity
d) Child Labor

Sets rate for overtime pay
a) Wages and hours
b) Equal pay
c) Affirmative action
d) Standard workweek

Allows students to participate in work experience education programs
a) Child labor
b) Training wage
c) Affirmative action
d) Employment practices

Outlaws different wage scales for men and women
a) Equal pay
c) Overtime
d) Equal employment opportunity

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