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blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart to the rest of the body
a) artery
b) vein
c) joint
d) heart

tiny blood vessels where gasses are exchanged between the blood and body cells
a) artery
b) capillaries
c) vein
d) heart

a wall of muscle below the ribs which forces your lungs to pull in and push out air
a) skeletal
b) smooth
c) cardiac
d) diaphragm

the tube that connects the mouth with the stomach
a) esophagus
b) windpipe
c) larynx
d) diaphragm

the point of contact of two bones in the body often including the surrounding and supporting parts
a) ligament
b) tendon
c) joints
d) femur

deals with food that cannot be digested; water is drawn through the walls into the bloodstream
a) large intestine
b) small intestine
c) colon
d) stomach

paired organs forming the special breathing structure of vertebrates that breathe air
a) kidneys
b) Lungs
c) liver
d) eyes

one of the stringy bands of nervous tissue connecting the nervous system with other organs and carrying nerve impulses (sends messages from the spinal cord to parts of the body)
a) nerves
b) tendon
c) ligament
d) capillaries

digestion is completed here; dissolved food enters the bloodstream through the walls
a) colon
b) large intestine
c) small intestine
d) capillaries

blood vessel that carries blood from the body back to the heart
a) vein
b) artery
c) capillary
d) valve

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